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A sprout. It’s a symbol of many things: new life, purity, vulnerability. This young organism can grow into this amazing creation of nature that breathes out an energy of inspiration. As this tiny plant receives all the nurture and care without any judgement, it will grow.


To me, this offspring stands for discovering new possibilities; it represents the jumping of tracks. Love how the word ‘spring’ in Dutch, literally translates into ‘jump’. And that is what this is. Jumping off. Taking a leap of faith. Creating your own adventure that is life. And trusting that all your knowing, everything you’ve collected in all of those moments of sharing and learning with and from others have helped you remember who you are. And what it is you know.


Being a so-called adult these days, I still love to discover new possibilities in life. What else is possible? How does it get even better than this? What does it take for me to receive even more? Of me? And who I truly be? So I can share with others the magic that I be. That we all are.


“Every day. Day one. Every moment. Day one. Begin again.

Be present.”

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